The Networking and Distributed Technologies are the most vital parts of IT technologies in the current days and the future. When the next generation of Internet comes true and mobile systems go to 3G or even 4G in the future, there are trends to transform legacy software into Internet applications. After successful ICNDC2010, to bring together industrial and academic researchers to discuss hot topics and Trends on Networking and Distributed Computing, we will organize the second International Conference on Networking and Distributed Computing (ICNDC2011) on Sept, 21-24, 2011 in Beijing, P.R.China. ICNDC2011 will focus on (1) distributed computing and distributed systems track including Clusters and Grids,  SOA, SAAS,IAAS, Service Composition and Orchestration, Peer-to-Peer Systems, Cloud Computing, etc. (2) Networking track including  IP networks, Next generation Internet, wireless network , wireless mesh networks,4G mobile communications and beyond, etc. (3)  Distributed Applications track including application systems such as e-business, e-Science as well as application systems  in  the fields of Management Science and Economics and Education Science, etc.