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    BY Nina Weisshaar Jingxia Wu Yanan Ming Alaa Madi Agnes Hotz-Wagenblatt Sicong Ma Alessa Mieg Marvin Hering Ferdinand Zettl Kerstin Mohr Tilo Schlimbach Nora Ten Bosch Franziska Hertel Lisann Müller Hannah Byren Mona Wang Helena Borgers Mareike Munz Lukas Schmitt Franciscus van der Hoeven Ulrich Kloz Rafael Carretero Nikolai Schleußner Rene-Filip Jackstadt Ilse Hofmann Guoliang Cui 27 May 2022 NO ACCESS Rgs16 suppresses Tex cell survival in tumors, and inhibiting Rgs16 enhances antitumor immunity. T cells become functionally exhausted in tumors, limiting T cell–based immunotherapies. Although several transcription factors regulating the exhausted T (Tex) cell differentiation are known, comparatively little is known about the regulators of Tex cell ....

    Source From: https://www.science.org/toc/sciimmunol/current


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