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  • Overview of Schedule and Technical Program


    Overview of Schedule and Technical Program

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    Overview of Schedule and Technical Program


    Overview of Schedule and Technical Program
    Zhejiang Sci-Tech University Buildings 10

    DEC. 19, 2015

    8:00-17:30 Registration (meeting room 10-420)
    (meeting room 10-420)
    8:30-9:00 Opening Session, Dean of informatics, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University
    9:00-9:50 Dr. Jinzhu Gao Keynote Speech
    10:10-11:00 Prof. Junwei Cao Keynote Speech
    11:00-11:50 Prof. Lican Huang Keynote Speech

    13:30-18:30 Session talks – education (meeting room 10-420)
    13:30-18:30 Session talks – networking (meeting room 10-414)

    DEC. 20, 2015
    8:00-17:30 Registration (meeting room 10-420)

    9:00-11:50 Session talks – education (meeting room 10-420)

    9:00-11:50 Session talks – networking (room 10-414)

    13:30-18:30 Session talks – education (meeting room 10-420)

    13:30-18:30 Session talks – networking (room 10-414)

    Accept papers

    Song Jinyu and Zhang Xinyu Innovation and practice in the teaching of digital media technology major
    • 付丽萍 基于微视频的教师微培训资源的设计研究
    • Communication Improvement in HCI MOOCs by Analyzing Student’s Pupil Variation
    • Jie Mao The Teaching Design of Multimedia Web Page Design Based on the Flipped Classroom Mode
    • Mingjing Chen Study of Instructional Model for Information Technology Fundamental Courses under MOOC Environment
    • Jiang Jilin 我国现代教育技术硕士学位论文可视化分析 ——基于共词聚类、社会网络和知识图谱分析视角
    • Jiang Jilin 电影教学与“翻转课堂”整合视野下研究生英语口语教学实证研究
    • Yan Liu and Yingjuan Tang The use of Mapping Knowledge Domains in analyzing Subject’s Research Overview and Hot Spots
    • Qingdong Zhao The Goal of Tabor Law Practice Teaching to Achieve under the Mode of Legal Aid by Legal Clinics Course —- Taking Nanyang Institute of Technology as an Example
    • Cai Xing Zheng, Jing Ding and Zhan Bo Shi Research on factors affecting performance in blended learning of University Physics
    • Jun Ge, Cai-Ping Xiong and Yue Zhang Conception of an SNS App for EFL learning in China Based on a Questionnaire Survey
    • Li Xiaolan Interaction Equivalency in The Flipped Classroom
    • Qian Yang and Jinzhu Gao Practical Teaching Method Based on MATLAB in AC Speed Regulating System Course
    • Zhi-Hui Jiang and Zhi-Cheng Nie Construction of Smart learning Pattern Based On Micromessage and Identity Path Analysis
    • Wei Zhang, Huoying Xu, Baocheng Zhou and Yanrong Jia Construction and Application of Virtual Simulation Instrument Analysis System in Experimental teaching
    • Shuyu Yu, Xiaoneng Ma and Xin Jing Big Data for Individual Education: an angel or a monster?
    • Xiu Li, Liansheng Chen, Zhixiong Yang and Wanlu Zhang A novel object detection technique for dynamic scene
    • Xiu Li, Huimin Wang and Jian Xu An Approach for Reducing the Numeric Rating Bias
    • Xiu Li, Zhixiong Yang and Lulu Xie Joint Depth Map Upsampling via Prior Minimum Spanning Tree
    Ritai Yu, Guozhong Zhou and Baixi Xing Communication Improvement by Analyzing Human Pupil Variation in Online Study
    • Shuiying Zhang, Jia Bao and Guohong Yan 基于画图板和屏幕录制专家的模电课堂教学改革初探
    • Zhang Xinyu and Song Jinyu Android Instance in Digital Media Technology Teaching Process ——Design and Development of Campus Dating Social application
    Yuntao Duan Research and development on ticketing system based on SQL databas
    • Qiuqin Yue Reasonable Application of Information Technology in Vocational Education
    • Pengfei Wang 基于移动慕课学习的高校大学生自主能力应用研究
    • Yuanluo Le 浙江大学课堂教学质量评价系统拓展建设
    • Yuanluo Le MOOC对中国高等教育未来的影响
    • Xiang Chen and Yang Li The Research on the Cultivation Mode of University students’ Innovative Talents Based on Innovation Competition
    • Li Yang, Chen Xiang, Lu Xiao-Ying, Xing Ya-Lin and Li Cheng-Bin Research on Security Portocol of Scheduled Services on Cloud Computing
    • Yanfei Liu, Zhiqiang Tian and Yuzhou Liu Toward a joint growing of research and teaching in university based on information technology
    • Shuyu Yu, Xiaoneng Ma and Xin Jing 大数据对个性化教育带来的机遇和挑战
    • pingping Dai UC的商业价值及其在高校实验室管理中的应用
    • Pan Tingting, Zhan Guohua, Li Zhihua and Yang Li Exploration on the cultivation of Computational Thinking Ability in the teaching
    • Junsong Li exploration and practice of teaching for artificial intelligence public elective
    • 付丽萍 职前教师信息技术应用能力发展的个案研究
    • Liyan Liu Online Professional Development for Teachers in Rural Areas in China
    • Zhumin Ke 湖北某高校人才订单式培养的实践
    • 韩雪军 Learning and Apply of Educational Information Technology and the Growth of Outstanding Teachers in Ethnic Area
    • Lican Huang New Parallel Strategy for Prime Factorization based on Semantic P2P networks
    • Lican Huang Integration Checker by auto-source code composition
    • Lican Huang Integrating social networks and classical website technologies to enhance teaching for post-graduate students
    • Li Jiang, Zhan Guohua, Li Zhihua and Yang Li Software Application Teaching Combined With Computational Thinking
    • Chang Ming, Chen Jing and Yang L A Study on the Effectiveness of TPR and TPRS in Short-Term Chinese Language Training at Beginner Level
    • Zhang Jia and Yang Li 协同教学(Team Teaching)在Web编程课中的应用探索
    • Wang Hua-Ming, Yu Ge and Yang Li Personalized recommendation system K- neighbor algorithm optimization
    • Bin Zhu, Hua He and Yang Li 问答社区在课程教学中的应用与实践
    • wu canli Lican Huang二阶隐马尔科夫模型下生成教育类文章的自动摘要

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